Friday, April 19, 2013

The Leaves around the house

Hello. It's 'botanical' post! These are some of the plants my parents planted around the house. They love gardening. I wish I could say the same for me. I haven't tried really, so, can't say if I won't enjoy it.

Love the structure of the plant above. It is a strong and sturdy plant. Able to withstand even the hottest sun and coldest nights ( in Malaysia ).
This one above looks like a leave from the Jurassic era. A giant. Look at how well the structures are. Almost like you can see the foods and water are being pumped through the veins. It's quite thick. Maybe almost the same size as a Velociraptor footprints maybe?
This one looks as if its undecided to live or die. Very unique color distribution where off from the midribs, the colour is light pink and yellow and then green towards the edge.

This one has many thin long leaves sprouted from the stems at alternate heights. Lovely.

These are just some of the plants leaves I managed to capture last weekend. I'll try to take some more photos. It's amazing that beauty and gracefulness is all around you when you just stop and try to look at it better. And I just wonder where have I been when these lovely stuffs are just outside my door?

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