Friday, April 26, 2013

Who is she? - art journal


Yeap. I just sketched her right out of my mind that evening. I don't know she is or who she might look like. All I know, I want her hair to be long and blown by the wind. She wants to be left alone so I didn't add anything else on the page except her alone.

This, I think, is my first portrait / human sketch after such a long time. Probably way back in the 90's! I never took any class and I do not know if there's a guide to draw someone's eyes, lips and nose. I just did what I think was right. No pressure cos I'm not an artist anyway.. Ha ha...I guess you can tell that from the shape of her nose. I need to improve.

I love doing eyes the most cos once complete, it's as if someone else is looking back at you.


She had such a long neck in the beginning. In my Instagram, I wrote "oh my! What a long neck you have Grandma!" cries Red Riding Hood. Lol!

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  1. WOW, her eyes are amazing, so alive. She has your eyes, actually!. Way to go girl!!.


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