Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alien Junkie - an art journal page

Hi there! in my last post i did a journal page entitled iDoodle - and I drew a lady. When my son came inside the craft room, he then asked me who this lady is. I told him, that lady is me. He gave me a sour face and left the room {merajuk} cos I didn't draw his face. I told him that I will do a sketch on him the next day. Promise. He just silently nodded and walked out of the room; looking sad.

So, today, I was thinking to do for him a journal page on alien junkie. Maybe he's too young to understand stories of ancient astronauts and all, nevertheless, I'm giving him a head start. Lol!

The idea for the journal is to draw a face without the eyes and starting from the nose downwards. I wanted my son to hold the journal over his face and just to expose his eyes. As expected, he just couldn't sit still and was fast restless as I was just getting the camera focused on him. The photos below are the best I could take. Hehe..

Notice anything different on the photo below? Hehe..A special giveaway for you if you are the first to spot it and comment about it here... ;)))

Techniques and supplies:

1) I drew the face first. Use pencil.

2) I have painted the page ( leaving the face and body ) with Martha Stewart paint in blue {Pond- that's what it is called}. Wait to dry or heat gun it.

3) Cut out the shape of the shirt using your scraps. { this is how you can reduce}

4) add pattern on the shirt for fun. I have also added the word ' alien junkie' on the shirt front.

5) black gesso was used to create lines for journalling later

6) use a white ink pen and start journalling on the blak gesso'ed lines.

7) added black dots below the journalling lines. I don't know morse just randomly created the dots.

8) red sharpie for the lips.

9) black sharpie for the hair

10) buttons to add interest to the shirt

11) journalling along the body and hair

12) the word happy, daydream and away are woood chippies from Studio Calico.

13) cogs as eyes are Tim Holtz's

Yup, that's about it..

Thanks for stopping by. Ciao!


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  1. LOL. Faiz is such a good sport!!. I like the picture with Faiz's eyes better simply because the other one looked so alien (with alien's eyes, I mean). :).


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