Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nature's Quest - art journal page

Hola friends! How are you today? It has been raining heavy lately hasn't it? It was raining cats and dogs 2 days ago when i was just about to leave the office and the traffics was....fhew! I was caught in the basement carpark up until the traffic boom out of the office area for nearly an hour! Can you imagine that?! And all because of the rain? But wait.! Rain is good though cos' it washes and clears the air. Do you feel the freshness always after the rain? Smells good too.

They say that for the first few minutes, the rain is acidic. That's what they call it. Acid Rain. I think if you test with a litmus paper, it'll show you a reading below 7. I haven't tried that though. Where can I get a litmus paper anyway? So, the thing is, what's causing this acid rain if not from us? We burn fuels. We produce chemicals and toxic gases and release it to the atmosphere; intentionally or unintentionally perhaps.

So, here is an art journal entitled Nature's Quest from me. I'm linking this to the Art Journal Cafe on The Challenge with tissue paper.

{ the bird above is singing song for the FUTURE}

Techniques and supplies:

1) I have applied white gesso first onto the page. Dry.

2) then, I have decoupage a flower decorated tissue leaving bits and pieces spilled over the page.

3) I have always adore paintings by Monet ( though I don't much about it! ). I knew this because I bought one ( no, not the original!! ) and adorn it on my wall in college. I like the dabbing effect technique. So, with the design on the tissue as a guide I applied paints ( Martha Stewart ) onto it; with dabbing and rapid brush strokes. I can't draw nor paint but this was fun and cheating..hehehe.

4) Once the above dried, I decoupage 3 dried leaves ( left over from my wedding day!! ). I love this cos' I'm coming closer to what I want to convey in this journal page ;)

5) not to forget that I added on pieces of patterned paper from 7 Gypsies.
6) then, I write words on scraps ; cut it out and applied distress ink by Ranger on the edges.
{The messages in this journal page}

Protect and guard the environment we are living in

Heal whatever damages done

Use renewable energy

Promote a sustainable living; eg grow your own vegetables ( less chemicals!) - ( I need to try this too! We grow small chillies, and few others only - mainly sustained by my parents..ehehe)

Future. Then only the future is worth living for especially for the younger generation.

I didn't clean up the spill over tissue as you can see below. Finally I think they look cool. Hehe..

So there you are. It feels good to do an art journal where you can express and share your concern with others. Hope I have inspired you to do an art journal on nature next. ;))

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!



  1. gorgeous page, lots going on and everything is working together great!
    thanks for playing with us at Art Journal Café :)

    one of the frappuccinos ;)

    1. Hi France! Thanks for visiting my blog. ;)) love to play at AJC!

  2. WOWW!. All the natural goodness!. I wish I have green thumbs :(. All that I tried to grow dies in a week. Maybe I should talk to them often :).

    1. Hehe..thanks Shahrul! Most of the plants are being maintained by my parents. Gardening is fun though....very relaxing, you should try ;))))

  3. I love your environmental message, and also your technique of layering with semi-transparent elements.

    1. Thanks Denise! It's fun playing with the tissue and dried leaves ;))


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