Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introductory page in a new fabric bound journal

Hello friends! Good morning! We are in Ipoh and Yes, it's morning now. Faiz has just woken up, refused to take his bath and is now watching Tom & Jerry instead. I might have watched this for the hundreth times! I just have to endure...

Well, I also would like to share here of what I called 'an introductory page' in my new fabric bound art journal, which was made by Shahrul Niza from Such Pretty Canvas. The book was nicely and securely bind and the papers .. oh wowww... I think they can definitely that extra heavyweights of paints and what nots! { how many grams is this by the way? }

I did this last night using my black sharpie and another black liquid medium tip ball pen. I was watching cartoon network and that was exactly how I was inspired to write the word Soulful Art.

The rest are scribbles of how I describe myself far...hehee..

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

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  1. LOVELY black & white doodles!!. I used the heaviest watercolor papers I could find (330 sgm). Yup, shud not tear easily, even with lots of water.


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