Friday, July 13, 2012

iDoodle - an art journal page



Hola friends! Hope you are in the best of health. It's Friday and weekend is just ahead of us! Yayy...!

Today, I would like to share with you a comical page from my art journal, which is entitled iDoodle. Yes, I doodle quite a lot especially when I'm bored. At work, when I'm in meetings (shhh..), taking notes and all, I will always have some doodling around my notes just to give that extra flavour to my work. Lol!

By the way, maybe the lady on this page looks like me when I'm bored; especially the eyes!

What I have used:

1) water soluble wax crayons. I have applied this onto the whole page. Then, I used the wet wipes and smudge over the colours. I didn't blend them though.

2) I doodled " what do you do when you are bored? I doodle. " on the lines. On the left side, I just wrote something on doodling using a calligraphy pen. Because of the waxy surface, it's quite hard to write using sharpie and the calligraphy pen. Any idea?

3) I have used dimensional paint on the lady's necklace and shirts. Add on a bright pink Kaisercraft's rhinestone on the necklace.

4) I actually decoupage the shirt she's wearing. Can't really tell...

5) I gave her hair a highlights using Viva Decor Gold. Applied with ann angle sponge.

6) the doodling lines were enhanced using Indian ink, which I didn't do a good job at it...hehe..

7) lastly, I just smudge over a bit of acrylic paint in pastel green on the edge of the page.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at this comical page.

Hope this will inspire you to start a comical page of your own ;) Ciao!



  1. LOOOOVE this page! She's one fashionable bored lady, LOL. You know, it's affirmative that we are indeed twins!. I've been thinking about doodle designs these few days, and you are obviously the same :D. Scary but FUN!. Same thing when I was thinking about steampunk projects a few months back and in no time you made one!. Telepathy. HUgs.

  2. Lol! Interesting theory! Who knows! Thanks for visiting...and waiting to see your doodle page!


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