Sunday, July 15, 2012

She's Got Game - an art journal page for Art Journal Cafe

but the Linky connection is closed....awwhh...:(

Anyway folks, I still would like to share this page with you. First, let me do the credits first. I have used a picture illustration by David Downtown, which were featured in The Hub magazine. I love the simple sketch. I have also used a picture illustration of Givenchy Couture ( Kelly Smith ) - the full figure mysterious girl.

The story of this page is centered around the full figure mysterious looking girl. I needed a story for this page hence I instantly thought of Akasha. Who's Akasha? Well, she's the queen of vampires in Anne Rice's famous vampire chronicles starting with Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, and so on. These were my first sets of vampire book collection since 1993 or maybe 1994. Love 'em! Akasha was not the main character in the book but she was very powerful alongside her partner/husband, Enkil. They were a stone-like figure sitting on a dais and only communicating through their minds. Drinking their blood lets you possess power beyond imagination. Well anyway, you gotta read these books! Don't let me kill the suspense..hehe

Below is how I imagined Akasha would be; standing mysteriously looking past through walls; oblivious of her surrounding but very much aware at the same time. I added on the red cloak. Coloured her hair black with a bit of gold highlight. She's definitely not an ordinary girl.

What I have used:

Well fairly simple..

1) wanted to use my purple acrylic paint, so there it is...

2 decoupage the cut-outs from the magazine

3) find words from the magazines that suits your theme

4) stamping - the music notes and word ' passion' ( Prima ); and steampunk wings and butterfly ( Graphic 45 )

5) from my scraps, I added on the measuring tape on the neck and also Dazzle me gems from Webster's Pages.

6) doodle here and there..I used the titles from Anne Rice's books..Lestat, Pandora, Queen of the Damned etc.

7) ink with Tsuknieko Versa Magic along the edges.

8) yup, that was basically it. Simple.

Why don't you let yourself inspired by your favourite books next? Its really fun! ;))

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun! Ciao!


  1. STUNNING! STUNNING!. LOVE Akasha, although I do not know her :). Gorgeous colors, love the purple -black color combo. Bold design overall. This was the movie which Kirstin Duntz & Brad Pit as vampires, right?. Great job, girl!.

  2. Thanks Shahrul! Yeap, they acted in Interview with the Vampire which also featured Tom Cruise. Love the book more!


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