Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi friends! How are you. Question. Have you ever lived a day without asking a single question? Makes you wonder hmm? ( another question ).

This journal page is all about Questions. Why? When? What? Where? Who? How? When we do not know, we ask questions. What if I do this? Or do that?

Life is full of secrets. So, No such thing as a dumb question. You'll be dumber if you don't ask. I think that's why kids can learn so fast and so clever cos they are so full of curiosities and always asking questions. We shouldn't let that die in us as we grow up. Yes?

Here are the techniques used:

1) I have doodled on the black page with a black sharpie. Coloured it with water soluble crayons and smudge it

2) applied white gesso lightly to tone down; then applied acrylic paint - { I could just apply the acrylic paint directly without the gesso, but will give a slightly different effect, I suppose}

3) applied distress ink by ranger over circles stencil by Crafter's Workshop

4) I have used the black acrylic ink and wrote the why, when, how, where, what, whom..then let the ink flow downwards.

5) created red journalling lines with a red sharpie

6) using a black pen, I started journalling on the red lines and added few designs.

That's all folks. Simple, yes?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day ahead! Ciao!


  1. OH this is stunning!! Im a big fan of ink drippage :). Love the doodle art hidden in the background. LOVE the soothing colors :).

  2. Thanks! Love the dripping technique too!


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