Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love is All Around and The Riddle

Hi friends! Just want to share a simple art journal pages I did while being away from home. I brought along with me only a box of water-colour pencils, water brush, black sharpie, medium tip black ink pen and of course; the journal.

So, as usual, in between catching up stories with the in-laws, my hands just couldn't wait to hold a pen or pencil. The first page here is about a song by Wet3; Love is All Around. I drew the love heart shapes with sharpie and later write on the lyrics across. Once done, I used the water-colour pencils and start to colour those hearts in random. And, lastly, just used my water brush and applied on them and smudge Somehow, the black ink runs where I applied water... (not the sharpie). Forgot that it's not water proof!

On the next page, I decided to do a scenery. Haha. If you have read my previous entry on scenery, you would know now how scared I am of doing one! I can't draw! Anyway, I'm giving myself another try. So what if it didn't turn out well. I'm still going to blog about it! So, there it is! A page entitled ' The Riddle'. Inspired by an old song by Nik Kershaw. " near a tree by a river... La la... "

I used my water- colour pencils to
Sketch the tree, the greens, the water, the sky and the sun. Once done, applied the water brush on them. I love how it turned out, actually. It looks better in reality than in here taken thru my camera phone! And of course lastly, I just scribbled the lyrics across...

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

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  1. Hey love The Tree n those hearts. ...lawala...:)


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