Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Personal therapy - art journal page


Hola! How are you today? Hope you are in the best of health, always. As for me, well, getting busier this month with work in the office. I wish that I could be busier in my crafting than the usual mundane office chores. No. Actually not. My office chores are never mundane. It's just that they are always full of STRESS. Remember there was once a song by Aretha Franklin where she spelled that word RESPECT?. Yeah? If anyone ever calls me to be a recording artist, I would definitely have one of my song as STRESS! Okay, I'm rambling...

Another art journal page again. I met a very talented artsy lady recently and she talked about how easy and fun it is to do an art journal. She is full of inspirations and ideas! See her blog here Such Pretty Canvas. Must be her vibes in art journalling through her blog that I'm finally putting a trust in my own art journalling. I have done art journals before but since it was intimidating to me once, I never wanted to share it with anyone else. I don't even know where I have kept them now.

So here's a page I did a couple of hours ago after having a tough day at work. A suitable title I have chosen for this page ' Personal Theraphy' - and minus the h ( before the y in Theraphy ). Hehe... I still think the word therapy is sexier with a H before the Y. ( gulp! Fine! Oh my English!)

It's a colorful page indeed. Not sure whether that was how I intended it to be or could be I got a little bit carried away with the crayons...hehe..

And next time, I'm gonna be more adventurous with the wax crayons. ( an idea stirred up suddenly...hehe..we'll see )

Ok. Techniques here are:

1) I have used an orange sharpie to scribble some sentences on why I love art and what it means to me

2) I have used a wax crayons in several colours all over the page, and thick.

3) I used heat gun to melt the wax. It doesn't do much here except that it gives the page a slight sheen, smooth surface..somehow hehe..

4) then, decoupage using the patterned tissue paper given by Shahrul, the artsy lady from Such Pretty Canvas. Also, i have an unused Webster's dictionary, which is already in a deteriorating state, so I have used some torn pages here and decoupage. I have used Rangers Glue and Sealer here..

5) stamping by Technique Tuesday - the film borders; bordering the torn dictionary sheets

6) black lace - to make the page hot hot hotter... Hehe..

6) and lastly, a label to the page, which is secured with a safety pin to the ring bind.

So there you are. Hope you have enjoyed looking at it as much I have enjoyed myself doing it.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!


  1. Aaahhh delightful, Nida!. The roses tissue works! I love your written script, gorgeous handwriting!. Great page. I hope you'll have fun at work today. I'm teaching 'Paint Your Art Journal' class this morning :). Hugs.

  2. very nice doodling, absolutely a stunning page! love your techniques and love the colour combinations, everything are just so perfect to time try to play with beeswax! I did that in all my canvas and the effect is so much fun! love your work Nida!


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