Saturday, July 28, 2012

Black or what?

Hello there! At the time of writing this, I am moving at about 120km/hr; heading north towards Ipoh for the weekend. Faiz is sleeping soundly after a hefty McDonald's breakfast. He said he will fast later..hehe..1/2 day. Training.

So, another art journal page from me after watching a bit of Michael Jackson's This Is It on TV couple of days ago. It has been on the tele for a couple of days lately in remembrance of his death about 3 years ago. Wow! How fast time flies...

I painted this page with black gesso. I only wanted to use black and white. But soon, I added a slight copper'ish colour to it; on the brick stencil. { I dunno why }. I have used a white pigment ink from Staz On and applied on Balzer's Stencil by TCW. Then I used my correction pen ( thanks to Shahrul Niza from Such Pretty Canvas for introducing this!! Hehe..) and wrote 'it doesn't matter' and 'Black or White'. Actually, come to think of it, the word 'it doesn't matter' also appeared in the lyrics 'Beat It'. I just realized. Hehe..the rest of the design here was done using a white ink pen by Signo.

That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by! Almost reaching Ipoh now.

P/s: running out of safety pins to tag the title. Hehe..



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  1. my name in there! Don't you LOVE the video??. McCaughlin was so cute!! sending his dad to outer space!! LOL. I love MJ songs, he's part of growing up but strangely I'm not a fan! But I'm a big fan of your work! This page is ZEN!. Pretty liquid paper writing!


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